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  • East Los High

    Watch Jossara Jinaro's multi episode arc on Hulu's original series "East Los High. ELH has been in the top 5 on Hulu and #1 on Hulu Latino since it launched. She plays Reina, a sarcastic, bitter, pissed-off at the world, tough, and complicated woman trying to save what is left of her relationship with her daughter Maya.

  • The Closer– Southland

    Jossara Jinaro on two TNT TV series. THE CLOSER as undercover narcotics detective Rios opposite Kyra Sedgwick & SOUTHLAND as CSI Annette opposite Regina King.

  • Smith

    Jossara Jinaro playing Simon Baker's love interest on CBS's SMITH.

  • Passions

    Jossara Jinaro as Rae Thomas on the multi-Emmy winning Daytime TV Series PASSIONS. Storyline won GLAAD Award.

  • Judging Amy

    Jossara Jinaro recurring on multi-Emmy Winning TV Series Judging Amy on CBS. Playing Courtney Messina, Cheech Marin's daughter and Timothy Omundson's love interest.

  • GB2525

    Jossara stars as Yoli (sharp-shooter bad-ass) in "GB2525" In the barrios of the future, the only things that have changed... are the weapons.

  • Desert Road Kill

    Jossara Jinaro in award winning indie DESERT ROAD KILL. Three best actress awards for Jinaro.

  • Spout

    Jossara Jinaro in the award winning horror indie SPOUT playing the naive Sandy.

  • Ten Tricks

    Jossara Jinaro playing the charming and funny Marina Del Rey in the feature 10 TRICKS directed by Richard Pagano.

  • Viva Vegas

    Clips from the Alma nominated sitcom VIVA VEGAS. Starring Jossara Jinaro as Virginia Bustos. Produced by Columbia Tri-Star and aired on Telemundo.

  • Firehouse

    Jossara Jinaro as female lead in FIREHOUSE. A play produced by Academy Award winner Robert Moresco.




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